Power And Vitality Chakra Anklet To Balance The Root Chakra– 1st Chakra


Root Chakra Anklet made with Hematite, Garnet, sterling silver

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Having trouble staying focused? Is your mind wondering all over the place?

Not sure where you are?

So many changes in life have you wondering who you are?

This Chakra Anklet is made with Hematite and Garnet gemstone beads.
Sterling silver clasp. 10 inches. Can be custom made smaller or larger, just email me if you need a different size. Comes on a information card.

The root chakra is all about money, jobs, how we make our living, survival, our connection to the earth, nature and the physical world around us.

It has to do with the material plane.

This is where we feel balanced as we walk on the earth.

If you have issues related to survival in the physical world or need energy and vitality consider wearing a Chakra Balancing Bracelet.

When you are wanting to make things happen in the material world, in business or
material possessions, the energy of these stones will come to your assistance.