Sunstone Cabochon


Sunstone naturally vibrates to the Solar Rays of the Sun


These long oval Sunstone Cabochons shimmer in the light revealing the inner fire and glow of the stone.

Sunstone is a stone of prosperity, assisting in manifestation on all levels, including knowledge and wisdom by helping to align the mind’s inspirations with the heart’s wisdom.

Keep it in your pocket, meditate with it, place it on your alter or use it for healing work, this stone fits so perfectly in the hand.
It would make a lovely large pendant when set into jewelry.

Sunstone- Naturally vibrates to the Solar Rays of the Sun.
Sunstone represents leadership and the ability to utilize knowledge and wisdom for the highest good of all.
A useful stone to use in meditation to help in realizing the highest path of any action or situation.

Sunstone empowers the 2nd chakra, the sacral chakra

These photos are a representations of the one you will receive. They average 18-20 grams
Measures approximately 51 mm x 26mm