Ventifact Jasper Pendant


Wrapped in 14k filled jewelry wire


This unusual looking brown stone is known as a Ventifact Jasper.

Ventifact stones are formed and shaped by wind and sand erosion.

This stone was found in Xinjiang Provence, China.

It is wrapped in 14k filled jewelry wire to create a wearable pendant. It comes on a black satin cord in a gift box.

Ventifact Jasper is also known as Hieroglyphic Jasper because of the unusual and strange markings on the stone

This pendant is 3 inches long.

This is a new stone coming to market at this time, so little is known about its vibrational qualities.

Jaspers in general are wonderful grounding stones  and connect us to the Earth and nature.

This stone brings about a feeling of mystery and welcomes a visit into other times and realms while keeping us grounded in the here and now.

Looking for something unusual and rare to wear? This pendant is it!