Removing Obstacles with Ganesh & Kyanite


kyanite necklace

The year 2020 has been a difficult for most everyone. There’s been so many challenges. So much uncertainty. So much sadness, anger and hurt.

Here we stand at the closing of 2020 ready to welcome in a New Year. The New Year offers us a chance to bring our dreams, desires and wishes into our lives. Sometimes we run into problems manifesting New Year intentions because we first have to move around the obstacles standing in the way.

Those obstacles can often be our emotions or thought patterns. If we take our old automatic responses with us into the new year will anything really change?

The first few weeks of the New Year offer us a wonderful opportunity to examine the thoughts that are holding us back from achieving what we are wishing for.

Take a close look at the obstacles that stand in your way.

What behavior or thought is preventing you from achieving the things you desire?

We can’t change the outer world, but we can change our inner landscape. What are you seeing as your obstacles for a happy New Year.  Ask yourself:

~Is it true?

~Is it real?

For me, Blue Kyanite holds the vibration of  Ganesh the Hindu elephant-headed god.

I associate Kyanite with Ganesh. When I hold Kyanite I connect to the qualities of Ganesha.  Ganesh reminds me that I can move forward around the obstacles or hindrances in my life.

Ganesh ( Ganesha. Ganeshe) is the Lord of successes and the destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

Wearing jewelry made with Kyanite reminds me that I am not powerless over my obstacles.

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The gemstone Blue Kyanite also assists with removing obstacles. Its vibration can help to cut away the things that stand in our way.

Blue Kyanite forms in blades. If you think of the Kyanite as a knife blade you can use it to cut away any negative thought patterns or behaviors that no longer serve you.

Once free of these patterns you move forward to manifest what you truly desire.

An example of this may be that you would like to meditate everyday. But your thought pattern is, you don’t have time. It’s this thought or belief of no time to meditate that is actually standing in your way.

Call on the Kyanite to cut away this limiting belief. Move your thoughts and desires into the same vibration.

Instead say to yourself, “There is time for meditation everyday.” Doesn’t that thought feel better?

Make yourself a list of your limiting beliefs and discover how you can change your thinking to overcome your obstacles.

kyanite blade

It may be helpful to use this Mantra  Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha
which is the Om and salutations to Ganapati (Ganesha).

Pronounced  Om Guhm Guh-nuh-puh-tuh-yea

The mantra  is traditionally chanted to start new endeavors with positive energy and to remove obstacles.

The first step in removing obstacles is becoming aware of them.
Begin with the awareness.
Then use the tools available to you,.
Look at a statue or photo of Ganesh. Chant the mantra
Hold or meditate with a piece of Kyanite.
Be open to the changes that can come.
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