Rose Quartz Uses and Crystal Meanings


Crystal Overview
rose quartzRose quartz crystals derive their name from the rose flower. The translucent pink crystal has an association with love, nature, colour and beliefs. They come in different intensity of pink, where some appear to have the colour at deeper levels. They work by transforming energies, making vibrations as well as responding to the flow of emotions. The crystals are found mostly in Brazil, India, Madagascar and some parts of the United States.
Rose Quartz as the Stone of Love

Most of these crystals have been associated with the heart chakra, making it desirable for establishing a connection with emotions. The stone is referred to as the stone of love due to the many characters of love associated with it. The ancient Greeks believed that this unique crystal was a spiritual gift that was meant to ignite love and happiness in people. The stone is believed to stimulate some positive power to any person who holds it.


Uses of Rose Quartz
Rose quartz meaning has been described to be ‘love with no limits’. Its ability to induce positivity in people has been associated with the ability to strengthen love among people, as well as maintaining relationships.


The crystals are said to be associated with the heart chakra, a center for human bonding with others that brings in high feelings such as love and care among many others. These properties are believed to strengthen relationships among people. They help diminish any blockage that may hinder individual’s emotional growth.


The Rose quartz crystals possess healing powers. The stone is said to aid in blood circulation as well as maintaining a healthy heart. Its concept of healing has also been reported to control heart attacks.


The crystals can provide a self-healing mechanism. They are believed to control mental related problems such as depression, inactiveness, and insomnia. It sends its powers to the psychological sector, especially the brain. Thus, it drives out the pain that may lead to depression and stress from the subconscious mind. Those suffering from insomnia are said to keep it under their pillows as it invokes good feelings and dreams hence helping control the problem.


Since rose quartz crystals are so beautiful, they have found great use in homes and many other places in the form of decorations. Today, many people use the crystals as gifts to demonstrate love.


Other Meanings of Rose Quartz            Rose Quartz


Rose quartz has found its significance as a symbol of forgiveness and kindness. The stone has found use as decoration or a gift. Apart from being a crystal, the stone symbolizes various aspects of positive feelings and actions such as kindness, compassion, unity.


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