Shungite A Medicine For The 21st Century


How can a  stone  be called “a medicine of the 21st century”  Well, I asked myself this question when I first discovered Shungite.   

Shungite is a stone coming out of Russia. When I first heard about it several years ago I did a google search which brought me to several websites declaring its miraculous healing abilities.  How could they be making these blatant claims I wondered?

Russian scientist have investigated this rock Shungite for several decades and report that it restores health and vitality. It is said to relieve headaches, backaches, arthritis, relieve pain, normalize sleep, stabilize blood pressure, clear respiratory tract, and increase energy.

Upon further investigation I found out that Shungite is a Precambrian rock of metamorphosed coal. It is made up of 98% carbon. Shungite is found in only one area of Russia, Karelia. Scientists estimate that the age of Shungite is about two million years. Looking at it, Shungite resembles coal.  Carbon of which this stone is composed of, is the basis of life on the Earth.

But here is where is gets truly interesting. Shungite is the only rock in the world that contains fullerenes. So what is a fullerene you might ask and why is this so special? Fullerene is a newly discovered form of carbon in the form of spherical ions. This discovery was so important that in 1996 a Nobel Prize was awarded to a Chemist, Richard E. Smalley, for the discovery of fullerenes.

Shungite receives its healing power from the fullerenes which are globular hollow molecules consisting of dozens of carbon atoms. It is thought that when fullerenes get in or near our body they behave as a powerful, long-acting antioxidant as a means to fight free radicals. WOW!

Now I’m no expert in science and I have to leave the details of this scientific study up to you, but this whole concept of fullerenes really intrigued me.

shungite hearts
shungite pendants

My first introduction to buying Shungite was at the Denver GemShow.
On the first day of my buying trip I went looking for this magical, mystery stone.
It wasn’t hard to find. In fact one of the first room I went into had the stone for sale.
I didn’t slept well the night before, I felt groggy, irritable and rather spacey. Not the best way to begin a Gem buying show. As I sat on the floor and held the stone I began to feel calm and rested. I immediately noticed that I was quickly coming back to myself. I was coming back to my own inner sense of well being. It was as if the stone was realigning my cells at a deep molecular level to bring me back to my full sense of vitality.

The friend I was with placed a piece of Shungite on her shoulder, which had been hurting her for several days. She too felt better soon after holding the stone. The pain in her shoulder let up and she was able to move easily through the next several days of gem buying. It wasn’t hard to believe there was a powerful healing quality to this stone from my own personal experience.

Here are just some of the claims made about Shungite

  •  a natural antioxidant that can increase human immunity with regards to many serious illnesses and suppress the development of many allergic diseases
  • absorbent, purifying air and water from many organic and inorganic compounds and from excess of free radicals
  •  has the ability to absorb substances from the environment;
  • anti-inflammatory

Shungite has been used by the military for EMF protection. It is excellent for high frequency emissions and is used in protective EMF paints and patented designs for aircraft.

I continue to work with this stone, both in my Healing Sessions and designing Healing Jewelry with the beads I purchased.

I find Shungite to be a wonderful balancing stone. It is the  perfect stone to use to absorb negativity both in the environment and emotionally.  Place a piece of Shungite near microwave ovens, TV sets, and mobile phones. I keep one near my computer to help shield me from  harmful electromagnetic rays given off from the computer.

I’d love to hear about your connection to this stone. Please share your experiences with me. Together we can learn and understand more about this unique stone from Russia.

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