Spring Cleansing Ceremony with Crystals and Gemstones

Quartz Crystal   Spring is the perfect time to offer a clearing ceremony to purify and cleanse the energy in your home or office. Crystals and Gemstones can help clear and renew the energy of your home, create sacred space and help you set new intentions.

Do you clean your home for Spring? The once a year deep clean? Shake out the carpets, clean the curtains and sweep out the cob webs?
So why not clear your home of stale and unwanted energy?

Here a simple ritual to do after you cleaned out the clutter and freshened up your space to help recharge and re energize your home or work space.

Materials you will want to have before you begin:

Start with some clear quartz crystal points. Any size will do.
Add some Black Tourmaline for grounding and protection
Sage, Palo Santo or incense to use for smudging
White Candle

Preparation for the cleansing ceremony

You may want to begin this ceremony in the morning or on a new moon closest to the Spring Equinox.                           smudging

Light the candle and set your intention for clearing your space and creating a sacred space that supports you and your intentions.
Light the sage, Palo Santo or incense and energetically clear your stones by passing them through the smoke with the intention to clear any energy that is stuck on the stones.

The Ceremony

Take a few long, slow, deep breaths in and out through the nose to ground youself, and bring you into the present moment. Now move through your home or workspace carrying the smudge with you, move in a clock-wise motion, starting in the northwest. If the work space or home has more than one room, you will move through each room in this clockwise fashion, beginning in the northwest and ending in the west.

Envision each room filled with light and joy.

Once you have completed the smudging come back and retrieve your stones.

black tourmaline  Begin with the Black Tourmaline, deciding where to place it (them if you have several) where it will best serve to protect your space. Perhaps that is by the front door or in the four corners of your house. As you do this visualize a protective shield that you are building in and around the space with the protective vibrations of Black Tourmaline.

Next take your clear quartz crystals and hold them while you clearly vision your intentions for your space.
Quartz Crystals receive, send and amplify energy so you can direct your intention by waving the crystal around and through each room. Hold the intention clearly in your mind’s eye. Move slowly and deliberately always coming back to your breath to guide you. Know that you are planting the seeds for all that you desire.

Now place the crystals in places where you will be reminded of your intentions. This may be near your bed, in your bathroom, or by your work space. Each time you see the stones you can connect to the intention you set.

You might choose intentions for peace, harmony, balance, success, health and healing. Choose what best serves you at this time.

This ceremony with crystals and stones can be a powerful tool to create sacred space and bless all that you long for.

Black Tourmaline – Is a powerful protection stones as it can both repel and protect against negativity. It acts to protect one from being victimized by the negative energy of another. It can also deflect negative energy turning it back to where it has come from. This stone is wonderful for giving support to any situation in life.

Quartz – Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier. It magnifies energy. It can be programmed to hold intention and assist in the manifestation of the focused intent. A powerful meditation tool. Useful as a dream stone, assisting in remembering and interpreting dreams.