The healing vibration of Selenite

selenite heart

Selenite has become one of my favorite healing stones. I almost always use it in my Crystal Reiki Sessions as it can clear blocked energy making it very helpful for opening blocked chakras and cleansing the Aura.

Its gift is that it can “melt” away negativity and blockages on all levels, from physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. A very useful tool for any energy healer or Reiki practioner

  • Physical: Place a piece of Selenite on any area of the body that needs healing and visualize the stone melting away the energy blockage, pain or tension.
  • Emotional: Hold a piece of Selenite, take 3 deep breaths. With each outbreath allow your energy to settle into a more relaxed space. It is especially helpful to the nervous system.
  • Mental: Selenite is a wonderful stone to use for mental clarity and focus. It helps to ease mental chatter and brings about a sense of calm to the mind.
  • Spiritual: It is a light filled stones often associated with the Angelic realm and may act like a bridge to these other dimensions.

Selenite is a clear form of gypsum and comes from many locations around the world. The Selenite caves in Mexico are world famous for their enormous Selenite Crystals.

In the US, Selenite  is found in New Mexico and in Utah.

Selenite can lift one’s awareness to higher planes of consciousness. It facilitates the ability to receive information from spirit guides as it opens the Crown Chakra.

Try placing a piece of Selenite at the top or your head or 3rd eye, with a pen in your hand allow yourself to connect with your stream of higher consciousness and begin to write down the messages that your inner guides would like you to know.

Selenite wands are very powerful healing tools and work well with the energies of other stones. The wands can be used to direct and send energy to areas in need of healing. 

Selenite can have a very intense energy and it is useful in conducting energy.

Like quartz it can amplify energy and actually cleanse other stones. It does not need to be cleansed or recharged.

Simply place your jewelry, crystals or stones on a piece of Selenite to remove the negative energy that has been collected.

Because of this quality of amplifying energy it is often used in grid work, to connect the energies of other stones in a grid and to create energy vortexes. Placing a piece of Selenite in the center of a grid is also an effective way to set an intention for the energy grid.

One of the wonderful things about Selenite is that it is plentiful and mostly affordable. These days with stones becoming more rare and harder to mine, Selenite is a true gift from Mother Earth to us all.