Why do the Stars love Crystals?

Crystals Are Gaining Popularity with Celebrities

crystalsWhat Are crystals?

Crystals are naturally occurring minerals which have an ordered regular arrangement of atoms making up their internal structure. This regular arrangement of atoms is what causes them to possess their pleasing symmetry and to radiate such beautiful pure colors. Formed in the earth over millions of years these wonderful stones mirror the infinite variety of matter in the universe and have fascinated mankind for many thousands of years.


What Is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healingis a holistic energy based method of healing which taps into the natural power of crystals for their vibrational connection to the Earth. Many people have felt the spiritual benefits of having crystals in their homes or by carrying them in a purse or pocket. The world is a mysterious and wonderful place and there is a rapidly growing number of people across the world who find the peace and serenity that crystals bring to their lives hard to dismiss.


Crystal Power Attracts the Stars.

There are growing reports in the media these days of celebrities who have discovered the benefits of crystals. Because of their high profile many of them are able to relay to the public their personal stories of the power of healing crystals.


  • Adele – The multi award winning British singer songwriter Adele has commented on her belief that the magical power of crystals have aided her in the past. She reportedly never goes on stage now without carrying a crystal, her particular favorite being Citrine which is associated with good luck, success and clarity.


  • Victoria Beckham – The famous singer, fashion designer and wife of world famous footballer David Beckham has been quoted as saying that she always has healing crystals placed around her home and workspace. David Beckham is also known to share in his wife’s passion for the benefits of crystals


  • Emma Roberts – The American actress and singer recently posted pictures of her crystal collection including crystals for healing, relaxation and protection.


  • Gwyneth Paltrow – The award winning actress is not shy in her love for all things crystal and spiritual. Jade is known to be her particular favorite, a protecting, healing crystal which brings harmony to those who possess it.


  • Katy Perry – This talented singer was apparently introduced to the magic of crystals by Madonna, another famous singer who has become enamored with crystals. Katy is very fond of carrying rose quartz which is known to be a very powerful attractor to the opposite sex.amethyst-hand-1

The Modern World.

It’s hard not to acknowledge the influence of crystals in popular culture. Their prevalence is easily understandable as throughout history they have held a captivating attraction to people who have seen their beauty and felt their power. With the pressures of modern life slowly escalating there are more reasons than ever to tap into a spiritual awareness, to escape the materialistic and highly commercialized world by allowing the natural energy of crystals into your life.


The Benefits of Carrying Healing Crystals.

Crystals can benefit a person on so many levels it’s almost impossible to list them all here! From easing tension to lifting the spirit, aiding creativity and boosting motivation, crystals have the ability to improve our lives in so many areas and on so many levels.

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