Focusing New Year’s Intentions With Hematite



 I’ve been offering crystal readings this last week. The beginning of a New Year is a fantastic time to get a reading.

One of the things I see coming up in these recent readings is the need for people to be grounded.

When we are grounded we are able to focus our thoughts, desires, dreams and intentions. There is great power in our ability to create when we are focused.

If you have set yourself a New Year’s resolution, but already feel it slipping past you, maybe you need to be more grounded and focused on your resolution/intention.

Using the gemstone Hematite will offer you this grounding energy.

When we’re not grounded we tend to be spacey, we can’t concentrate or focus attention for very long. One thought after another swirls in our mind.

This can prevent us from creating the very thing we are wanting.

Holding a Hematite stone will help you find the mental clarity and focus you need to achieve your desires.

While holding the stone, begin to think of what it is you are wanting, continue to feel the stone in your hand and visualize what your desired outcome will be.

Stay with this for 5-10 minutes, always coming back to the stone in your hand when your mind begins to stray.

I find it helpful to write down the intention, using as much description as I can, getting clearer and clearer in my desire while holding the hematite.

Connect to the emotion of the desire.

I can place the stone over my written intentions to help attract and magnify the aspiration.

I also wear a Hematite Bracelet.

This Hematite bracelet helps me connect to the grounding energies of Hematite. I can rub my fingers over the smooth round beads to remind myself to stay focused.

Wearing an anklet made with Hematite is also helpful to stay connect to the Earth and the ground you walk upon. 

As we enter the new year, set aside some time to think about what you really want.
Be as specific as possible and don’t limit yourself.
You are planting your seeds in the fertile ground of intention.
I stay grounded and focused with Hematite whenever I find myself going back to old habits it always brings me back to my intention, like an old friend, reminding me of my true desires.
Ground and focus with Hematite and watch your intentions turn into manifestations!
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