Hurricanes, Crystals And Lessons In Being Flexible

Hurricane Irma

Please note this post was first published in December of 2017.

Coming up on the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Irma, I’m releasing this again in 2021.

Nothing like a hurricane to blow through your life to bring about major change.

Like it or not, my life has recently undergone a major transformation due to Hurricane Irma.

Irma passed directly over my home and business in The Florida Keys on September 10, 2017 as a category 4 storm. The effects were devastating, not just for me, but for my entire neighborhood and surrounding islands. Both my home and business, The Crystal Cottage/Spirals of Light, were left standing, but both were heavily damaged by wind and storm surge.

The time immediate after the storm was exhausting and overwhelming to say the least. The cleanup was grueling. Most of my belongings weren’t salvageable as mud and grime coated everything. It took many weeks for the realization to settle in that life was not going to go back to normal anytime soon.

Crystals and friends to the rescue!

If there’s one thing I learned after the last 30 years of working with crystals and stones for healing is; there is a Crystal for everything.  

Once I realized I couldn’t move through this disaster without the help of my friends, I opened my heart to receive. Rose Quartz was my go to stone to help me to accept the love, support and assistance of others. I learned how hard receiving is. I’ve always been good at giving, but accepting help, well, that was a hard lesson for me. The vibration of Rose Quartz helped me create a space inside where I could accept help from others, many who were complete strangers to me, offering their help in so many different ways. Without the help and support of others, I’m not sure I could have survived those difficult weeks during the recovery and cleanup.

rose quartz

Along with Rose Quartz, I turned to Rhodocrosite to help ease my heart into Gratitude. Gratitude is boundless in its healing energy. Simply holding a piece of Rhodocrosite helps to flood the heart with love and appreciation. Turning to gratitude released the pain of loss into the awareness of all that is. This created space to move forward. Moving forward was a difficult step soon after the hurricane. There were many times when there seemed like there was no going forward. Everything was swirling, heavy and stuck.  I had no place to live, my house wasn’t livable and moving from one friend’s couch to another was draining. Staying present in gratitude guided me through the difficult emotions of uncertainty and despair.

The real shift came with the energy of Healerite.

Healerite is a form of Serpentine named for its healing vibration. I’ve been a big fan of Healerite ever since I first held a piece. Healerite is a stone I often recommend to others. I always carry a piece and use it in my Crystal/Reiki healing sessions. Healerite reminds me to be flexible.  Holding the stone invites a sensation to rub  it and that somehow this stone will change form despite the fact that it is a hard rock. Healerite has a malleable and pliable quality to it.

I learned very quickly that if I was going to move out of the disaster that was Hurricane Irma, I was going to have to be flexible and adaptable. Those times where I held firm and rigid in my thinking were the times I felt the most resistance. Those times when I became more like Healerite, supple, bendable and flexible were the times of ease and flow. I started to see that if I held on to the past, the way it was or how I wanted it to be, I was going to feel the hurt, the pain and the trauma of this disaster in my life. However when I became more like a palm frond bending and swaying in the wind I became more open and expansive and opportunities showed up better than I could have hoped. For me this is the greatest lesson of Healerite.


My life has changed. After 30 years, I no longer own a home on Big Pine Key, in The Florida Keys. I allowed the winds of change to carry me to a new home, a home way more than I could have ever imagined. A home along “The Treasure Coast” of Florida, where each day I’m greeted with new offerings this new chapter of life is bringing to me.

If we bend and sway, like a palm fond we move through the storms of life, perhaps a bit battered, but intact with a whole new sense of gratitude.

Keeping our heart’s open to receive is the gift of Rose Quartz
Staying in gratitude no matter how difficult the situation is the gift of Rhodocrosite
Being flexible is the where the healing energy of Healerite can help us.

If I can be of assistance to you as you move through the storms of life reach out. I’d love to share with you how the energy and vibration of crystals and stones can guide you.


Spirals of Light