Rhodochrosite slab, Unpolished Rhodochrosite


Rhodochrosite is known as a Gratitude Stone.


I cut this thick flat piece of Rhodochrosite myself.
I left it unpolished on both sides.

This is a piece of Argentina Rhodochrosite.

The color varies from deep to light pink.
It has a nice banding pattern.

It measures approximately 40mm x 40 mm by 8 mm at its thickest side.
Weighs 36 grams

Its smooth surface feels so nice in the hand.

It could be made into a beautiful cabochon for jewelry.
OR use it as a healing stone.

Rhodochrosite is known as a Gratitude Stone. Offering feelings of peace, love & joy.

It is a powerful heart healing stone.
Rhodochrosite aids in healing emotional wounds, especially if there has been past trauma surrounding love issues.
It assists one in expressing love and affection.

It can help one find the courage to pursue ones dreams.
It helps to reawaken the heart and relieve painful emotional memories.
It can bring out the child nature