Quartz Crystal Point


This Crystal is  like holding 6 different crystals in your hand.

Each side is so different

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Wonderfully clear, this natural Quartz Crystal point is so interesting.
Check out all the sides.
Each one is so different. It’s like holding 6 different crystals in your hand.

This is a Brazilian Quartz
It has markings on it similar to Lemurian Crystals

The clarity and brightness is exceptional.

It weighs 194 grams
Measures approximately 3.5 inches by 1.75 by 1.5

All natural, it isn’t polished.
Perfect hand holder size

Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier. It magnifies energy.
It can be programmed to hold intention and assist in the manifestation of the focused intent.
A powerful meditation tool. Useful as a dream stone, assisting in remembering and interpreting dreams.