Amethyst with Charoite and Blue Topaz Pendant Now on SALE! Save $20


Multi-stone pendant with Amethyst


Purple Charoite tops off this triple gemstone pendant.

Next comes an oval deep purple Amethyst, followed by a round faceted Blue Topaz

All set in sterling silver.

This special pendant is placed on a light purple satin cord with a silver adjustable clasp or wear it on your favorite silver chain

Charoite – Provides and easy-going-ness, allowing one to drop all fears and worry, as if “by magic”. It can bring insights as it increases intuition. Charoite is filled with silvery wings of angels. It can be a reminder of the angels in form. It is a stone that allows you to be more aware of the everyday messages the angels are communicating to you.

Wearing Amethyst can help you maintain a feeling of inner calm and connection to your intuition. It can help stimulate psychic abilities so it can be of benefit to those who offer intuitive readings or to energy healers.

Now on Sale. Regular Price $95 NOW only $79