Gem Cabalto Pink Calcite, Polished Pink Cabalto Calcite


Pink Calcite brings harmony and balance and restores joy


Feast your eyes on this gem grade Pink Colbato Calcite.
This spectacular Pink Calcite is hand polished on one side and left unpolished in it’s natural state so you can see the unique crystal terminations.
The combination of the natural crystal structure and polished side makes for an very special specimen.

This crystal is from Morocco. This is one of the more rare forms of Cobalto
To me this stone looks like a gel Rhodochrosite and not calcite.
I like the the banding pattern that goes from deep pink to light pink and the includions of white and black.
The bottom is cut flat so the stone will stand up.

Just gaze into this peaceful, healing stone and enjoy the richness it offers.

Looking for something unique and beautiful? This is it!

This form of Pink Calcite is also known as Rose of Morocco for it’s inherit natural beauty.
71 grams
2 inch 1.50 inch

Cobalto Calcite- is a stone of unconditional love and forgiveness.
Its vibration soothes the heart of emotional wounds, heart break, loneliness, grief, sadness.
It offers compassion, support and hope. It brings harmony and balance and restores joy.
It is a heart chakra stone