Polished Healerite, Healerite also known as Serpentine


Healerite is a powerful healing stone, offering waves of well being to the body & soul

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Healerite is a newly discovered gemstone, coming to us from the Northwest USA mountain area in Washington State.
Healerite is a form of Serpentine and is also called Noble Serpentine a name given to this yummy stone by the gentleman who hand harvests it.

Healerite has this most amazing color of lime green.
It’s the color that most people seem to connect with, “a love at first sight” kind of relationship.
Once you hold Healerite in your hand and feel its radiant, bright healing vibration, you can’t let it go. It begs to be held, touch and caressed.

Healerite is a powerful healing stone, offering waves of well being to the body & soul.

Healerite has a revitalizing quality going deep into all the cells of the body. An effective way to use Healerite is to place it on the energy meridians as it has the ability to increase “chi” or life force. On an emotional level Healerite helps to calm nerves. It is a heart chakra stone which brings states of joy, expansiveness, generosity, intimacy and love. It helps to heal old emotional wounds, even those carried over from past lives.

You will receive 1 stone similar to theses photos.
Approximate weight 6-8 grams.

Price includes shipping!

Any one of these smooth stones would make wonderful healing stones or wire wrapped into pendants.
They have a nice polish and are smooth to the touch on all sides.

They feel so good in the hand.

I’m very fortunate to be able to purchase this form of Serpentine directly from the source.

Enjoy the healing energies Healerite has to offer.

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