Large Pink Lemurian Quartz Crystal


This Crystal will come with its own bag of pink sand from the earth where it came from, holding its connection to the earth.


This Crystal has not been cleaned or treated in any way.

The original sand and dirt from where this stone was mined is still on it.

It will come with its own bag of pink sand, holding its connection to the earth.

I purchased this one about 10 years ago directly from a Brazilian gem dealer who searches out small mines in Brazil to buy his stones from.

Pink Lemurian are rather rare and getting hard to come by.

One side of this crystal is self healed. It clearly shows the striations of a Lemurian.

The overall color is soft pink, as is the energy of this crystal. What makes it pink is hematite. Hematite coated the crystal as it grew.

This pink coloring will not wash off, it is now part of the crystal.

Because this is a natural raw crystal, there a few nicks on the tip, most likely happened as the crystal was being removed from the earth.

$198. Price includes FREE Shipping!

Weight: 273 grams

4,5 inches x 2 inches x 1.25 inches