Root Chakra Charm Necklace


Open and balance your Root Chakra

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Sterling silver Root Chakra charm necklace is made with a sterling silver open design charm, faceted Garnet bead and red cotton tassel.

Makes the perfect Yoga gift

Embrace your inner yoga goddess and wear this beautiful representation of the Root Chakra

Pendant measures 2 1/4 inches

Comes on a long red silk cord

Comes in a gift box

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. This energy center is the place of physical strength, energy and vitality. This is where we feel balanced as we walk on the Earth.

It is the place of survival, and how we are connected and grounded to the Earth.

Garnet-Is known as a feminine energy stone. It stimulates the root chakra and the heart, allowing for manifestation of one’s heartfelt desires in the world. Garnet assists one in maintaining a sense of calm and grounded connection to the present moment.

It is a stone of physical love and the relationship between loving partners. It is an excellent stone to attract or invigorate a love relationship. It is a stone which brings support and balance. Garnet’s message is to trust in the infinite abundance of the universe.