Sterling Silver OM Pendant with Chakra Necklace 20% Off!


Open, Activate and Balance the Chakras with this gemstone necklace


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Our popular gemstone Chakra necklace is combined with a sterling silver “OM” pendant. Wear this necklace to balance and energize your whole being.

Necklace length: 17 inches

After several years of creating chakra necklaces with this 7 gemstone pattern I have decided to add the universal symbol “OM” to create a necklace that can be worn everyday to assist the wearer in achieving a higher state of consciousness.

The gemstones used in this chakra necklace were carefully chosen to energetically correspond to the seven chakra energy centers in the body.

The sterling silver OM pendant is held within a circle, creating a pleasing design. OM is a universal, sacred symbol. OM is the most sacred syllable in Hinduism. It is considered to be the primal sound.

OM is used by meditators as a mantra to assist in reaching higher states of awareness. Many mantras and prayers begin and end with the sound OM.

The gemstones used for this necklace are: Quartz for the Crown chakra; Amethyst for the 3rd eye chakra, Sodalite for the Throat chakra, Aventurine for the Heart chakra, Tiger Eye for the Solar plexus chakra, Carnelian for the Sacral chakra and Garnet for the Root chakra.

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