The Sacred Sound of OM

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The sacred sound of OM

Chances are you’ve heard the mantra OM. Maybe you’ve even chanted OM during a yoga class or before you meditate.

So what is the meaning of OM?

OM comes to us from ancient Sanskrit as more than just a word. It is a primal sound that represents the seed sound of all creation. It is believed that all matter comes from this sound. When saying the OM you are chanting a pure vibration of creation. The vibration of OM is said to have the same frequency as the universe.

OM represent pure consciousness and that is why it is often chanted in yoga classes or before and after mediation, as a way to ignite an opening of our own pure consciousness or awakening. It is said that just by chanting this mantra over and over, the body’s nervous system will begin to calm and slow into a more peaceful state. It is helpful to chant OM to bring us back to the present moment when our mind wonders, we lose focus and concentration or become immobilized with fear.

Wearing OM jewelry is another way to be reminded of the sacredness of this sound. Wearing an OM necklace for example, can become part of a spiritual practice by reminding us to chant  the mantra during the day to bring awareness and wakening to everyday activities.

OM is considered the most sacred and famous mantra and is spoken during sacred ceremonies, prayers, meditations and other spiritual activities.

OM represents the past, the present and the future. It encompasses the whole universe. It is a pure cosmic sound.

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