How To Stay Calm Cool and Collected with the Gemstone Flourite

fluorite hearts,

The heat of summer can take its toll, leaving us frazzled, moody and irritable. There is a fabulous gemstone remedy that offers a cooling, calming energy to rejuvenate us during the hot summer months, it’s Fluorite.

Flourite is my go-to stone when it comes to beating the heat. Flourite comes in several shades of cooling green colors and soothing purple tones. Purple Fluorite is often mistaken for Amethyst. Flourite even comes in shades of yellow and blue. When these colors combine it is known as Rainbow Flourite.

Flourite feels so cooling to the touch, that just holding a piece can help you cool down.

Flourite is known as the “ Cool, Calm, Collected Stone” for it’s ability to help you come back to center when life tries to push you around and tempers rise.

Here’s some simple ways to benefit from this natural treasure.

  • Keep a piece of tumbled Flourite in your pocket or in a pouch and carry it with you all summer long.

Wear a piece of Fluorite jewelry to stay calm in stressful situations. The energy of Fluorite helps to bring about an inner calm. Check out my web page to see more Flourite jewelry.

Place the Flourite stone up to your 3rd eye and take in several deep breaths, allowing the energy of the stone to penetrate your aura. Notice how you immediately feel its cooling, calming energy flowing around your body, providing relief from the heat. (great for headaches too) Check out my Crystal Gallery to see more Flourite stones.

Green Flourite Necklace
Flourite Cabochon

Make a crystal compress. Take a wash cloth or handkerchief soak in cool water, add some

Fluorite stones to the cloth and wrap. Lay the cloth around the back of your neck or on your forehead. If you like you can add cooling essential oils like Bergamot or Lavender to the cloth.

Foot baths with Fluorite. Foot baths are wonderful for bringing down the heat of your body in an easy, quick and relaxing way.  Just add some Fluorite to the cool water and soak your tired feet in the energy enhancing, gemstone charged water. Allow your feet to touch the stones as they soak. You can add some essential oils to the water if desired or Epsom Salts.

Make a delicious cooling gemstone aromatherapy mist. Pour distilled water into a spray bottle add a piece of Flourite to the water and your choice of refreshing, cooling essential oils. I love to mix Rosemary with Bergamot to make an energizing aromatherapy blend. Spritz yourself with this refreshing gemstone aromatherapy spray throughout the day for a sure way to beat the heat!

So, remain cool, calm and come back to your center this summer both internally & externally with the many colors of Flourite.

Purple Flourite