lithium crystal

Getting to know Lithium Crystals


I love working with stones that contain Lithium, and thank goodness there are several!

You’ve heard of lithium batteries? They are used in so many devices these days. Lithium batteries contain high energy and can be made small, useful in small devices such as hearing aids.

Lithium is also a drug that is used successfully for anxiety, depression and mood swings. Doctors started using it back in the 1870’s for “mania” and mental illness, so it has a long history of helping with calming the mind and nervous system.

Lithium is an element, a soft metal that is always found with other minerals.

Here’s a look at of some of the stones containing Lithium:

My personal favorite is Lepidolite.  I often joke, I never leave home without it! Here’s a link to an article I wrote just on Lepidolite.

Lepidolite is a most effective stone for calming frayed nerves, helping us to release stress and worry. I call it the Ahhh, stone. You know how you feel when you let out a long ahhh sound as you exhale (try it) That is the energy of Lepidolite. It’s like a long exhale.
It can dispel negative thoughts and remove emotional attachments such as resentment and envy.

Lepidolite is a stone of spiritual purification and meditation.
It can clear blocked energies in any of the chakras and throughout the meridian system.
Taking a bath with Lepidolite is a wonderful way to receive its calming and tension releasing properties.

Kunzite Crystal

Spodumene is a lithium silicate often found in pegmatite. All Spodumene offers the calming and soothing vibrations because of the lithium content.

The most common type of Spodumene is the lovely pink and purple variety known as Kunzite.

Kunzite Opens the heart to the energies of love, self love, love between others, love for humanity, animals, plants, minerals and to all that is.  Kunzite prepares the heart to receive love.  Kunzite opens the pathways to Divine Love.

 Kunzite is the perfect stone to give as a gift. Kunzite offers a beautiful energy of joy and celebration as its opens the heart to love and joy.  Kunzite is a powerful healer of the heart.

Hiddenite is another Spodumene. It is often light green.

Hiddenite is a delicate green heart Chakra stone.

Its energy reminds us to keep our tender hearts open to each other. Hiddenite is a useful stone for all types of relationships, lovers, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.

Hiddenite’s message is – all hearts beat to the same drum.

Hiddenite is especially useful when healing from deep trauma or addiction.


Petalite is another stone that contains Lithium. Petalite is clear, white stone.

Petalite can take you to a dimension of rest and healing, a space in which the worries and concerns of this world are released, allowing one to bathe in the quiet bliss of the unencumbered spirit.

Petalite is a stone of vision. Petalite can open the inner eye to the higher dimensions, psychic powers, clairvoyance and telepathy.

Petalite is useful for quieting the mind during mediation.

Petalite is wonderful for calming the overactive mind, relieving stress and anxiety, helping with ADD and ADHD and countering anxiety attacks.

Petalite is also called the stone of angels and can connect you with your spirit guide and the spirit world. It is very useful in the facilitation of ancestral and family healing.

It can help you balance emotions and energies, and think clearly.

Last but certainly not least is the powerhouse
Lithium Quartz Crystal.
As the name implies, this is a Quartz Crystal. It is known as an inclusion crystal because the mineral Lithium growing inside.
Lithium Quartz appears soft pink or mauve with cloud like appearance. The Lithium inside could also form as a phantom, taking on the shape of the crystal.

It is a stone of tranquility. It can bring a clarity to the mind.
Place it near your bed to help you sleep or use it as a meditation stone to bring calm to the mind.

I love working with Lithium Quartz as its energy is so peaceful and soothing.
It is a perfect stone to hold when worry and anxiety creep into life.

It is also helpful to hold Lithium Quartz for a peaceful and restful sleep.

lithium quartz

Its nice to know there are so many stones in the mineral kingdom to help us during times of worry and stress. Life gives us so many reasons to turn to these Lithium based stones.

sleep aide, stones for sleep

I put together a set of gemstone to assist in restful sleep.

In creating the Help Me Sleep Gemstone kit, I chose to put together 3 of these Lithium filled stones, Lepidolite, Petalite and Lithium Quartz.
I added Amethyst which is also known as a stone to help with insomnia.

When needed I can place the stone in my pillow case or put one or two in my hand as I go to sleep.

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